About Stella Strzyzowska


Stella Strzyzowska's (b. 1992 in Miami) paintings explore female forms, psychedelic experiences, and dense provocative visions. She uses art as a way to empower and express the process of internal navigation, creating road maps for the viewer while opening the floor for story telling. Creating art has been a way to unpack and come to terms with her own pain, giving her life purpose in inspiring others through her works. The foundation for her creative work flows from a rhythm of studio practice, yoga, meditation, ritual, and psychedelic experiences. Stella studied painting at Florida State University with artist Carrie Ann Baade and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in drawing and painting in 2014. She continued learning after graduation and has studied with artists: Amanda Sage, Alex Grey, and Allyson Grey. In 2015, she exhibited with Moksha Family Arts Collective in their Art Basel show, “Entheosis” which included artists such as Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, Mark Henson, Chris Dyer, and Reinier Gamboa. Stella has been a featured live painter at: CoSm, Okeechobee music and arts festival, Love Burn, Grassroots, and  9 Mile Reggae Fest. She currently resides between Amsterdam and her hometown, Miami FL.                                   

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